New Site Design!

Thanks for dropping by!

You’ll notice that we’ve re-designed the website. While we loved the original design of, we needed to make some changes…. for multiple reasons.

For one thing, we wanted the site to look similar to the other podcasts on the PlaidDadBlog Podcasting Network. Secondly, the original design was just not Admin friendly. Yes, it was really cool and had a dark vibe going that we dug, but it was just plain unwieldy when it came to making updates and changes.

The original ran on an Adobe Muse theme that was really an experiment on Christian’s part. It was great to learn a new tool, but Muse has a long way to go before it’s a reliable web format. If you’re looking to design a site that is static with no change, Muse may still be the answer for you.

So, take in the new theme and please enjoy (AND SHARE) the latest episodes of Screaming Dads!